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fat buddies

Fat Buddies Ribs and Barbecue

The story goes (and we’re stickin’ to it) that ol’ Great, Great Grandpappy Buddy started smokin’ game to get through the lean times. Well ol’ Great, Great, Grandpappy got to experimenting with different blends of hardwoods when he smoked his rabbits and squirrels. He found that the best way to get tender meat was to slow cook over a warm fire, then baste the meat was to slow cook over a warm fire, then baste the meat with a secret sauce to seal in all that flavor. After a while, Buddy passed on his secrets to Grandpappy Lewis Buddy, who got so darn good at BBQin’ his family got nicknamed the Fat Buddies. As their direct kin, we do all we can to make our Grandpappies proud. We smoke ‘em slow and baste ‘em good. Our sauces are made from scratch – you can order them on the side or take some home. We got Honey BBQ, Tangy Mustard, Hot BBQ, and Fat Buddies’ Firehouse. You got to be real careful with Fat Buddies’ Firehouse. We just about lost grandma when she got ‘em mixed up. We sure do hope you enjoy your visit, and Come Back To See Us Real Soon!

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193 Waynesville Plaza, Waynesville, NC 28786, USA
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